Raving Fans

Hello Laura:

I am sure you know, but I wanted to make sure I said it YOUR STAFF IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

Thank you,
Cecilia Navarro

Dear Laura,

Thank you so much for the thank you card and the Starbucks gift card. Look forward to working wih you again. Your proffesional attitude and cheerful attitude helped make this transaction a success.

Olivia R.


Just wanted to take a quick sec to say thank you so much for the Starbucks card. I know that Nina and I in the closing department can get really swamped at times and we appreciate any person that is willing to be patient and realize we are trying to help them as quickly and efficiently as possible. With the volume of our work that doesn‘t always happen, but it is nice to know that there are people out there that appreciate the work we are doing. Thank you so much for enduring all the time and frustration that is associated with the short sale process and know that we are making changes everyday to try to improve the entire experience. Again thank you so much for your extremely gracious gesture and I hope if there is any other closing you have with Countrywide‘s short sale department, I am able to help in any way I can.

Please tell Laura and Amy thank you as well!!!
Have a great week!


This is such great news!!! It is a testament to show how effective communication and collaboration (not to mention patience and perseverance) bring about positive results. The process might have been tedious and overbearing but nevertheless, we have managed to overcome this adversity amid unforeseen challenges. Please allow us to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all of you in assisting us in our quest to start anew. These have been trying times and we are so fortunate to have your team on our side, always looking out for our best interest. Please let us know of any other items requiring our action. Furthermore, we thank you for your gracious offer and we concur that a celebratory toast (or toasts :)) is in order. We are looking forward to recognizing our collective triumphs together and will let you know soonest of a viable schedule.

Again, we thank you all for the continued support and assistance. God Bless.

Best regards,
Edith and James Dariano


We would like to thank you all for the great time we had last night. You made us feel really special. In reality, you are the unsung heroes. The service and sacrifices we endure for the country are made worthwhile because of folks like you who take care of us in the homefront, thus enabling us to do our jobs better. The professional bond we shared has evolved into a friendship that we will nurture and hold dear forever. Again, thank you all so much for the time and unwavering support. We wish you all the best.

Best regards,
Edith and James

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